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We love talking ingredients. That’s because we truly pride ourselves on delivering great tasting products with super clean ingredient labels. Our products are packaged by a Texas co-packer using in-season vegetables. All products are glucose free, containing no soy, with no artificial preservatives.

Joe’s Products

One Eyed Joe Gourmet Condiments for your Tacos, Briskets, Bloody Marys or Martinis begins right here!
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Epic Salsa (Mild)

One Eyed Joe Epic Salsa is a delight with its roasted, smoked red bell pepper and jalapeno flavor blended with fresh tomatillos, cilantro and onions. It is a smoky taste with just the right amount of heat for those tortilla chips or huevos.

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Caliente Salsa (Hot)

One Eyed Joe Caliente Salsa’s first bite is the exhilarating, breath taking taste of its habanero pepper base along with that of jalapenos, fresh tomato and cilantro blend. Its aftertaste is a whirlwind of pleasure. 

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Gourmet Olives

Choose from Joe’s famous olives hand-packed with jalapenos, blue cheese or fresh garlic for a fantastic burst of flavor that may enhance your cocktails, make for perfect nibbles and kick up any plate. Perfect for gifts!

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Boss BBQ Sauce

Our Boss BBQ Sauce is made with brown sugar molasses that gives a thick, richness that your friends and family will crave. Whether you grill with it, or splattered on a pulled pork sandwich or ribs the taste is incredible!

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One Eyed Joe Brands adds flavor and zest to any food or drink!

Meet Chef Joe River

Jose Diaz has become somewhat of a local celebrity. He began making his salsa and BBQ sauce for friends, family and neighbors in the uptown area of Dallas, Texas. However, what Jose never expected was that his favorite past-time would be the catalyst for a retail venture and e-commerce business.

Jose Guadalupe Diaz (or as his friends call him – Joe River) is One Eyed Joe, the master chef of some of the most delicious BBQ sauces and salsas in the State of Texas — the inspiration of One Eyed Joe Brands. Ask him about all this, he will tell you he just makes sauces. Donning a bandana on his head and one around his neck, he works like an artist, creating his culinary achievement with little pause.

One Eyed Joe Brands has become a line of products through a true Texas entrepreneurial experience. Growing from a home kitchen to manufacturer where he oversees the freshest seasonal ingredients which keeps the great taste wholesome and delicious.

We are excited to announce that One Eyed Joe Stuffed Olives with Jalapeno, Garlic, & Blue Cheese joins the family of Caliente Salsa, Epic Salsa and Boss BBQ! As always, our fresh ingredients are soy free, gluten free, with no high fructose syrup or artificial preservatives.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

Listen to what our customers are raving about!

Using the Caliente for potato salad, develed eggs, with scrambled eggs…..great queso mixer….no chemical preservatives! Love this stuff from Texas!

Kimmie D.

Caliente makes the best cheese dip ever…and the recipe is right har! Waiting on the olives…stuffed with jalapenos..yum yum…great Texas made producta!


I am a HUGE fan of all of their products!! Their salsas are great on their own or combined to make your own customized dips!! The salsas don’t last long in my household!!

Renée Jones

Epic is my favorite salsa and a staple in our household! It is so fresh tasting and delicious! Boss BBQ is also a fan fave in our house!! Thanks, Joe!!


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One Eyed Joe Salsas and Boss BBQ are now available in restaurant services packaging.
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One Eyed Joe Brands is looking for new members to join our team! 

We are seeking 2 commissioned sales pros to work with Joe in promoting and getting our products out.  If you are interested in working with restaurants and with gourmet retailers….we are interested in YOU!  Food knowledge is ideal! Follow through is most important! Call on established clients and continue to build our sales with your stunning, outgoing personality! Contact the OEJ office, 214.228.2133 for more details.

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