Meet Chef Joe River

Jose Diaz has become somewhat of a local celebrity. He began making his salsa and BBQ sauce for friends, family and neighbors in the uptown area of Dallas, Texas. However, what Jose never expected was that his favorite past-time would be the catalyst for a retail venture and e-commerce business.

Jose Guadalupe Diaz (or as his friends call him – Joe River) is One Eyed Joe, the master chef of some of the most delicious BBQ sauces and salsas in the State of Texas — the inspiration of One Eyed Joe Brands. Ask him about all this, he will tell you he just makes sauces. Donning a bandana on his head and one around his neck, he works like an artist, creating his culinary achievement with little pause.

One Eyed Joe Brands has become a line of products through a true Texas entrepreneurial experience. Growing from a home kitchen to manufacturer where he oversees the freshest seasonal ingredients which keeps the great taste wholesome and delicious.

We are excited to announce that One Eyed Joe Stuffed Olives with Jalapeno, Garlic, & Blue Cheese joins the family of Caliente Salsa, Epic Salsa and Boss BBQ! As always, our fresh ingredients are soy free, gluten free, with no high fructose syrup or artificial preservatives.

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